About Us

MOO Food is an environmentally conscious community food company based in Muir of Ord in the Highlands of Scotland. MOO Food was established in March 2017 by Founding Director Emma Whitham who is passionate about sustainable, healthy, local food. Emma is now joined by an enthusiastic, diverse, talented team of volunteers helping to drive the vision forward.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire healthy, environmentally friendly living and provide the community with the opportunity to reduce carbon footprint, and enjoy healthy, affordable, chemical free local food.

Company Aims

Empower the community by increasing knowledge of confidence in growing healthy food in a sustainable way.

Improve the social capital of Muir of Ord and neighbouring communities by bringing people together, facilitating skills and knowledge sharing with these communities, and encouraging younger people into community activities.

Improve sustainability in food production, food use and food waste management.

Provide a friendly and supportive environment for volunteers, and a variety of volunteering opportunities.

Encourage fuller community participation pf people of all ages, race, gender and sexual orientation

Provide wider opportunities for member of the community to be more active more often, and hence support mentally and physically healthier community population.

Inspire healthier more sustainable living styles within the communities

Improve access to lolly grown, affordable, seasonal, sustainable fruit and vegetables

Improve the soil standards of community owned land and bring more community land into sustainable food production.