Carbon Clever Award

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MOO Food has just been awarded £9900 from the Highland Council Carbon Clever fund to implement phase 1 of the MOO Incredible Edible project. This is an exciting project that will see the installation of a community fridge, planting an orchard and 50 growing boxes throughout the village containing food for all to enjoy.

The community fridge will be for individuals and local businesses to share their surplus food that would otherwise got to waste. Everyone in our village will be encouraged to use the fridge and the hope is this will both reduce the amount of food sent to the landfill and the amount of people within our community that go to a food bank. The fridge will be located outside the Muir Hub beside the main entrance and it is hoped to have the fridge in place before Christmas. Tarradale Primary School has volunteered to help with the daily cleaning and maintenance checks.

The orchard will be planted with a variety of fruit trees, including plum, apple, pear and cherry, in December or January.

The growing boxes will be planted in various locations throughout the village early next year and they will contain seasonal good food for everyone to harvest.

This project gives the Muir of Ord community an opportunity to reduce carbon footprint by gaining access to local, seasonal, chemical-free fruit and vegetables and reducing the amount of food waste sent to landfill. Together we can make a difference.

We at MOO Food can’t wait to see this project come to life and we look forward to seeing everyone enjoy our edible village.