CLIVE BRANDON – ‘Growing Our Future’ Gardener

Clive is a Gardener, Permaculture Apprentice and Artist who came to the Highlands in 2015 to create a home, garden, and livelihood. With his wife Julie, he runs Black Isle Permaculture & Arts, a demonstration centre for sustainable living. Permaculture is a way of designing productive, abundant, resilient and ecologically balanced habitats for people, plants and animals.

He works at MOO Food 2 days per week growing, maintaining and harvesting organic vegetables, herbs, fruit for the community. His favourite thing about working at MOO Food is filling the village with beautiful and abundant  growing spaces for everyone to enjoy!

RACHEL BUTTERWORTH – ‘Growing Our Future’ Project Officer

Rachel is an experienced food educator, and has run food projects in Perthshire and West Lothian before joining MOO Food. She trained as a conservation ranger with the Scottish Wildlife Trust and the National Trust for Scotland, and was a crofter on the west coast of Scotland.

Rachel is fascinated by the healing powers of being in the outdoors, and is working in partnership with NHS Highland to develop a mental health ‘Flourish Group’ for 2019-20. She is also working within the school and Urray House to help residents learn about growing, cooking and eating food. Rachel is passionate about listening to people’s stories and ideas, and is currently training to be a counsellor.

JASMIN WATT – ‘Growing Our Future’ Project Officer

Jasmin believes in the importance of inclusive, creative, community based services that aim to bring people together to live happier and healthier lives. And what better way to do it, than over food?

As a qualified Social Worker, Jasmin has worked in a range of different environments, from leading expeditions in the Canadian Rockies, working with adults in mental health recovery, supporting young carers and children in residential care, as well as delivering personal development courses to young adults.

Within MOO Food, she will be focused on creatively working with the local community and primary school to support children, adults and families to connect with themselves, others, the food they are eating and their environment.