MOO Food during COVID-19

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Just an announcement to explain how MOO Food is working during COVID. We are very much working, but just not in our usual way.

We are operating within the guidelines of the Scottish Government, which means we are generally working from home, and when we do meet, we are adhering the social distancing. Our workshops have no gone online, and you can watch them on our YouTube channel here.

Regarding the harvesting of veg from the village veg boxes. You can absolutely still help yourself, when veg is ready. We advise you to wash the food and wash your hands after harvesting (don’t be tempted to pick and eat on the spot).

The community fridge is bursting with food every week, and it is cleaned every day by a volunteer. The fridge can be found outside the Muir Hub, and is open 8am-8pm every day. We advise that you wash your hands after using the fridge.

Even though we are working from home, we are still working with the community to deliver our projects. Even though we won’t be in our office in the village hall very often, please do get in touch if you want to chat. Best way is to email us at

Stay safe, and we hope to see you all again soon!

Emma, Rachel, Lyn, Ele & everyone at MOO Food