MOO Food’s ‘Incredible Edible’ project includes the community fridge, community orchard and growing boxes.
1) Community Fridge

The Community Fridge is outside the Muir Hub, and is open for all to use from 8am-8pm every day. The Community Fridge is funded by the Highland Council, and can only be possible with huge support from the Muir of Ord Halls and Facilities Company and Tarradale Primary.

The Community Fridge helps our community to waste less food. It is a simple solution to enable anyone in Muir of Ord to share some of this surplus food – cutting costs and our carbon footprint.

Anyone can put food into the fridge that they don’t need or want, and anyone can take food out! As long as food doesn’t go in the bin, the fridge is for everyone.

Food currently accepted (within use by date):

  • any kind of vegetables and fruit (including home grown!)
  • bread, cakes, crisps, snacks etc.
  • sandwiches / food from meetings
  • tins / jars
  • takeaway food from businesses

Food we cannot currently accept:

  • raw meat, fish or eggs
  • ‘home cooked’ food from a non-business

Tarradale Primary School pupils look after the fridge Monday to Friday during term time. MOO Food is looking for volunteers to pop by for ten minutes on weekends and during school holidays to check the fridge is clean and tidy.

2) Community Orchard

The Community Orchard is next to School Loch, opposite Tarradale Primary.

The Highland Council awarded MOO Food funds to purchase trees and gave permission to plant in the park.

The orchard was planted by Tarradale Primary and members of the public in February 2018, and volunteers are continuing to improve the orchard throughout the summer. We regularly hold picnics, BBQs and volunteering sessions in the orchard.

We have a mixture of 50 trees planted, including apple, pear, plum and cherry. The fruit will be for everyone in the village to share and enjoy for free. The trees should be fruiting in 2019/2020.

3) Growing Boxes

MOO Food are installing 25 growing boxes throughout the village during2018. This project has also been funded by the Highland Council.

Each box will contain seasonal good food for everyone to access and enjoy and will be maintained by MOO Food staff and volunteers.

MOO Food is looking for volunteers to help maintain a growing box near where they live.