We all do it – make too much dinner by accident, or buy too much food on special offer that just goes off in the fridge so you end up throwing it away.

Well did you know that 70% of the food we throw out is binned because we didnt use it in time. And that throwing food away costs the average person in Scotland around £200 a year.

Also, when we throw our food in the bin, where does it go? The answer is, landfill.

But wont food in landfill just rot down? Isnt that OK?
Rotting food gives off thousands of tonnes of CO2 and methane into the atmosphere, which is causing climate change.

So throwing away food is not only wasting money, it’s also damaging the planet. Really it’s a no brainer – reduce our food waste, and well all save money and the planet too.

So how do we reduce our food waste?

Give your perishables to a neighbour when you go off on holiday. Experiment with yummy leftovers recipes so everything gets eaten. Or make a good shopping list and stick to it! We even have a community fridge outside The Hub where you can donate any excess food, or help yourself to any food you will use, completely free! There are so many solutions.

But what about veg peelings, apple cores and banana skins?
This is where composting comes in. MOO Food wants to start a local composting scheme where you can drop off your peelings. Then after a few weeks you can collect compost for your garden.

There are loads of different ways we can reduce our food waste – from buying less in the first place, to getting our portions right, and composting our peelings.

Will you take up the challenge with us to reduce Muir of Ord’s food waste?